Franch Oil NH (Natural Healing)

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Franch Oil NH (Natural Healing): 100 ML

Healing is natural God-given function of the body, in collaboration with the mind and spirit.

Franc Oil NH* is a multispectrum oil for dermal care with Proven effectiveness for various common ailments as listed below.

Safe to use and has No Side effect, Natural.

Athletic Foot:To prevent Fungal infections of the foot and treat the itching on account of sweating in athletes and others in between the fingers and toes of foot.

Corns:Application of France Oil NH* on the corn spots continuously will reduce the pain, Soften the corn and Heal the same without surgery.

Cracked Heels:Regular application of Franch Oil NH* Heals Cracked heels and chopped hands.

Chilblain:Franch Oil NH* effectively used to Heal scratches, inflammation and itches on hand or foot arising in account cold weather conditions.

Burns:Franch Oil NH* is effective and soothening in cases of minor burns, cuts and wounds.

Ulcers:Franch Oil NH is very useful in Healing any type of external Ulcers including Bed sores and fissure.

Lip Crack:Application of Franch Oil NH* on the lips heals the lip cracks effectively.
Skin Disorders:Regular use of Franch Oil NH* prevents and treats scaly and dry skin as well as dermatitis.

Pimples and Black Spots:Usage of Franch Oil NH* treats effectively pimples and black spots.

Hyperkeratosis:Franch Oil NH* is a good treatment for Hyperkeratosis of the skin.

Stretch Marks:Daily use of Franch oil NH* over the abdomen of Pregnant  mothers prevent stretch marks. It is also used to treat the same effectively.

Hazards of Sanitary Napkins:Franch Oil NH* is useful in alleviating the rashes and irritations caused after using Sanitary Napkins.

Menstrual Pain:Franch Oil NH* is boon to women in relieving the abdominal pain associated with menstruation. It has to be applied on the naval and lower abdomen during these days.

Sprains & Joint Pains:Franch Oil NH* is a remedy for the pains associated with sprain in smaller joints when applied regularly.

Itches:Franch Oil NH* relieves the intense itching and irritation caused by daily usage of elastic materials in socks & other dress materials of school going children & adults.

Hair and Dandruff problems:Mix 100 ml of Franch oil NH* ( A multi purpose Ayurvedic Medicine) with 100 ml of pure Coconut oil. Apply to your hair continuously everyday as a medicine.
Ocimum Sanctum, Ricinus Cummunis Linn root extract, Cold pressed Ricinus Cummunis Linn Oil, protects it from infections, prevents dandruff, discolouration (greying) and preventing from hair fall.

Directions for Use:Clean the area with luke warm water dry with clean cloth and apply a few drops of Franch Oil NH* 2 times a day with gentle massage or as directed by the Physician.
For best results avoid soap.

Contents: Cold Pressed Extraction of Ricinus Cummunis Linn
Seed  -  88%
Root  -      10%
Extraction of Ocimum Sanctum -      2%

NH* - Natural Healing